M&L is a family owned and operated business. Owners and contractor Larry and Mary Biller have been in the business of wood floors for over 35 years and brought their talents to the Carson Valley area over 20 years ago.

M&L Hardwood specializes in custom borders and inlays. They also stain match existing flooring. Their showroom displays 100’s of different types of hardwood floors. There are approximately three hundred samples available for view in their showroom, not to mention a large selection of waterproof flooring and laminates. Your M&L specialists are here to provide the best service and quality possible.

"When Quality Counts, Count on us!"

How long will my hardwood floors last?

Hardwood floors are extremely durable and with the right management and care can last a lifetime.

How do I clean my floors?

Hardwood floors are low maintenance, and easy to clean. No need to wax, polish or shine. Simply sweep or wipe down with a slightly moist mop.

Will I have to replace my floors if they become scratched or dented?

No, hardwood floors can be sanded, stained and refinished to their original beauty. However, it is suggested that furniture pads be placed on chairs and legs to prevent them from scratching the floors.

Frequently Asked Questions